Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heading to NY

WOW... I haven't been here for so long and truth to be told... I should be working on deadlines due today rather than writing a blog right now... :P Oh well... I needed a lil break. Can you blame me? Never heard of the writing can be a break from writing and translating... haha...I guess I can't escape from WRITING something!

I've been so swampted these days and a big part of the reason is I'm getting ready to head out to NY in 5 days. I'll be hustlin out there for www.hypetunes.com I've mentioned before. So you can imagine the amount of work I have to do before heading out. It's been almost 12 years since I've been to the city. I can imagine ALOT has changed. I hope I'll get a chance to go see my old apartment there... it would be nice! I was told some of my favorite restaurants were closed a while back so I really don't know where to go.... NOW it's sounding like I'm gonna be there to chill... lol I'm just really excited to go back to the city... though I would NOT live there again! It gets TOO COLD for me. I can't deal with the cold and I'm gonna be there in Feburary? WOW what was I thinking? lol Anyway... I'm looking forward to meeting up with old friends there. I just hope I can see everybody. And I'm sure that the trip will be very productive.

I've got another big job to do while I'm in NY.... interviewing Ciara... I've known her for years and I am sooo happy and proud of her being so successful in such a short period of time. She was just a young girl from ATL when I first met her and look at her now. She has transformed herself into such a beautiful lady and a great entertainer. So many people often bad mouth about her singing and her talent. If you really seen her what she does and how she is about her career, you would never say anything but good things. She's one of VERY professional, passionate and driven minded business women in the industry as well. I can't wait to see her. Oh and I am NOT hooking you up with her (you know who you are! LOL)!!!

Got side track there... but what I've been reminded by getting ready for NY trip is that it's all about who you know. It really isn't about what you do and how successful you are in it. You know what they say "You are the company that you keep". You see yourself in those who you are with. And I don't wanna sound bragging but I've been so fortunate enough to get to know and to stay in touch with so many good and great people, I actually thought... wow... I'm awesome! lol It has been a great reminder that what I've been doing for years are really paying off and I have been doing it right. It really isn't about your title or/and the company you work for. It IS all about who you are. It goes the same with artists and musicians. It's not about which label you are with or/and who you have worked with(ie producers, songwriters, artists). It IS all about you and your God given gift. It gets unbelievably tough in the music industry a lot of times. Sometimes, it comes to the point where it makes you sick. But never stop believing in yourself. Always surround yourself with good people because they are who you are as well. I won't name them, but I've met so many artists who are good people and very talented but their staff and entourage are bringing dramas to the workplace and making the artists look bad. You and they have to remember that everything they do around the workplace represent YOU as well. It really doesnt matter how you look in magazines or on TV... Have you ever wondered why some artists never gotten a huge success but have longevity? People who has worked with love them and people around them. THAT is why.

WOW so much for a lil break... ok.. back to work. I'll try to keep you updated on NY trip.
Until then, stay safe!!

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  1. do you have a lil space in your suitcase?
    I gotta get in it to go to NY with ya. lol
    take care and enjoy your stay girl!!!!!