Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 2

I'm actually surprised at myself that I kept my word to write today... It's going to be good!! :)

Well... before going any further... I should write about myself. I have been an interpreter for artists, mainly R&B, Hip Hop and House artists, for almost 9 years. Basically, when they come to Japan for promotions, I become their voice. Lil' Mama put it perfectly... "I'm the voice of the young people, and Kana is the voice of Lil' Mama." Whenever they do interviews(and shopping too!)... I'm there to translate the questions from media and what they answer. I actually do not want to think it's translation, it really is interpretation. If you are multilingual, I think you know what I'm talking about... It is impossible to translate word by word... and you can't translate perfectly what they really mean without having the understanding of the person, the culture, the story behind it and so forth. I mean... you can't keep translating "ya know what I'm sayin?" every time they say it!!!

I've been fortunate to be able to work with so many big names... which I'll reveal whenever I have good stories to tell about them. If you think this is going to be another gossip blog... you don't wanna keep reading... I've been able to do this as a freelance because my mouth is pretty sealed when it comes to about the artists I work with. People believes in my credibility and I want to keep it that way. I'm here to share my thoughts, my experiences, my feelings, and great positive stories (or at least the ones have positive outcome and lessons to learn) of people I encounter with in my life.

I got side track a bit... Oh... so as an interpreter... I've met so many interesting people... some people got problem with communicating with other people, some are well-spoken, some are great actors.... have you ever seen people switch up real quick? One minute they were smiling and next thing you know... they are yawning... It is actually interesting to watch people like that sometimes... just sometimes. One thing I have to respect ALL the artists for is their passion. The passion for what they do whether it's for the love of music or the love of fame/money... in most cases...even it may not appear that way these days... its for the love of music. You can really feel the passion coming out from every word when you talk one on one. But at the end of the day... even tho it may sound cliche.... no matter what you do... you gotta have a passion for it. You can keep fronting... but people would see the true color sooner than later... especially in the entertainment business. You know what they say... "If you don't know how to love yourself, you won't know how to love anyone else." So... if you don't know how to entertain yourself, you won't know how to entertain anyone else.... It's actually relative to everything in life huh?

Wow... once I start writing I don't know when to stop... lol Why can't I say things plain and simple? I guess that's the nature of what I do as an interpreter... I always feel the needs to explain in details so everybody understands exactly what one is saying. That sounds like I'm too uptight! lol Well... I have to work on how to be concise. Any suggestions how to work on that?

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