Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a quick spiritual note... where I'm at today

In the past few months, I have come to realize the truth of life... if you are a spiritual person, I believe you'd understand what I am about to say here.

We often say "why is this happening to me?" and start blaming ourselves or the ones who were involved in the circumstances... I used to do that... A LOT. And I admit, I still catch myself doing that more often than I would like... I tend to blame MYSELF more than anything or anybody... I used to try to let it go even when I didn't really forgive myself or/and the others in the process... saying "what's done is done... just move on". Even if I said to myself that I'd already forgiven... I'd never forgotten what had happened, which means I really didn't forgive anything, including the stuff I was not aware of but my sprit knew from my "past".

But now I know better. Everything that has happened in my life was the result of my thoughts. I made it happen without knowing that's what I was unconsicously doing. Because I let myself carry the thoughts based on fear and doubt. Basically I was scared to lose myself when thats exactly what I was doing to myself. If we start to learn to have our mind/thoughts all based on LOVE then none of unpleasant events would happen because there's not a single unpleasant thought in our mind. It took me this long to realize that simple truth of life... Ever since I realized that, I've started to shift my every thought into positive and pleasant way. After all that's what my SPRIT really wants to experience in this life. It is a hard process... cuz all of my life, I'd unconsciously let my ego control my thoughts... it had became a habit in a way... I still have some moments... but it has become clearer and becoming easier to control every time.

The first step is to believe that the spirit and the body(mind) is a total different existance. And what I need to focus on is my spirit and truly see what it longs to experience.

When I find myself caught up in the thoughts created by fear, doubt and ego... I say this out loud to remind myself that I AM the spirit within and not this physical body and mind.

"I am the Light, The Light of Love, The Light of Joy, The shining Light...
The universe(God) is the Light, The Light of Love, The Light of Joy, The shining Light...
The universe(God) and I are ONE... "

God doesnt WATCH OVER us... He IS already WITHIN us, our spirits.

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